Our Work: Sponsors

Superior clinical recruitment marketing outcomes don't happen in pieces. They evolve. We begin with early stage planning. RX Media normally starts working with sponsor and study early on in the marketing design process. We attend clinical team meetings during study planning and we like to be the fly on the wall. We ask questions. We take notes. We listen. We learn.

Here is a typical procedural outline on how we work with a clinical study:

    Marketing Development Phase

  • Thorough Protocol Review from a Marketing Perspective - we go beyond Inclusion/Exclusion factors.

  • Therapy Research - History, Current Research, Present Treatments, Patient Mindsets, Communities and Support.

  • Identify the "true" Target Subject - the "true" subject will comprise a huge majority of enrolled and randomized subjects in your study. Many studies do not have the "true" subject identified before FPFV. This is a critical first step.

  • Target Subject Research - Research beyond the standard demographics and age/sex cells. Way beyond. We want to know what a "true" subject's life and lifestyle are. Imagine walking in their shoes.. What's an average day look like to our subject? What does an average week look like?

  • The Clinical Study Message - The clinical study "message" and accompanying marketing lines are critical mass. It's crucial. The "message" decides many factors in your marketing efforts. A vague or weak "message" will guarantee weak response in a subject's mind to participate in the study. The "message" can make or break marketing performance and enrollment/randomization performance.

    Site Marketing Development Phase

  • We have a highly specialized, proprietary, site development model and system that we employ for each site participating in the study. To find out more, contact us.

    Create Recruitment Advertising Materials

  • RX Media can create all clinical recruitment advertising and marketing materials for your study. We can collaborate with your in-house creative team to produce ads or develop and create all materials through our company.

  • We can deliver TV and Radio Commercials, Interactive Web Ads, Print Ads, Press Releases, Brochures, Posters, Flyers, Physician Referral Letters and all other collateral materials.

Media/Marketing Implementation

RX Media can implement Media and Marketing Initiatives on three different levels: Local Media Initiatives for each site in the study, Central Media Initiatives and Local Media Consulting.

Local Media Site by Site

  • At any given point in the clinical study cycle, between 25 - 35% of the sponsor- funded local advertising budgets that sites place are misspent or misdirected.

  • When a site has limited advertising funds for patient recruitment, they can run through 40-50% of the budget on "trial and error" advertising before they find "the right media combination". At that point, even though they have found the right media strategy, they are left with insufficient ad funds to recruit with.

Here's why RX Media can save you money

  • We develop a primary media strategy "out of the gate" for each site before a budget is deployed.

  • We supply study specific, customized recruitment methodologies that consistently strive for exceptional results. We use multiple media selection tools as a safety net to assure that the best media has been selected and conforms to the requirements of the protocol.

  • A local marketing plan is constructed for each site and is carefully rolled out and monitored. RX Media places media for every site. We have the ability to change and adjust media placement strategies in mid-flight to insure peak performance for recruitment.

  • Regular reports are generated, evaluated and discussed with the sponsor to enable accurate projections and completion of enrollment timelines. RX Media has a dynamic, integrated approach towards satisfying the needs of each site.

Central Media Campaigns

  • With all the numerous responsibilities that a clinical site has to manage, micro managing the advertising budget is low on the priority scale for many sites

  • Central Advertising efforts can be very successful - while some central efforts suffer poor results and miss by a mile

  • A well executed Central Media effort can offer you economies of scale, budget wise and provide maximum impact for your clinical recruitment message across all sites.

Here's how RX Media can make the difference between lackluster and highly successful Central Advertising Campaigns

  • We believe that Central Advertising can mean something different to each site in your study.

  • While a blanket TV campaign can work wonders for some protocols, other protocols require a more diverse strategy. Even micro strategies..

  • After analyzing marketing efforts and media successes obtained from the sites, we believe a targeted mixed media approach to central efforts can optimize results. The mix could be a combination of the following: TV, Radio, Print, Interactive/New/Social Media and Direct Mail.

  • RX Media provides targeted Media Research for all site markets and all Media selections, to make sure that you are reaching the "true" Target Subject.

  • We execute all Strategic Media Planning activities to satisfy sponsor's recruitment timelines

  • We choose and place relevant media selections that make sense for each site participating in the Central effort.

  • We provide Media Response and Performance Tracking and deliver regular evaluation reports that tie media/marketing efforts to subject enrollment/randomization goals and timelines.