Our Work: Sites

RX Media serves as a clinical media recruitment resource for you to develop a complete turn-key media strategy and plan for your site. Additionally, RX Media will provide a supportive role in evaluating and assisting a site's successful media recruitment campaign.

RX Media can accomplish the aforementioned goals with the following procedures

  • Initial Introduction to site.

  • Discussion of market research model from RX Media Market Research.

  • Analysis of relevant media selections for the site.

  • Present site individualized marketing plan with media selections, costs, research, and target goals.

  • Evaluate media selections, offer research findings, help on special tasks required by site.

  • Establish most effective and cost-efficient media strategies relating to cost per randomized patient.

  • Place successful media buys based on accurate site based media analysis.

  • We provide Media Response and Performance Tracking and deliver regular evaluation reports that tie media/marketing efforts to subject enrollment/randomization goals and timelines.

In addition to developing and implementing turn key marketing strategies and media for your site, RX Media serves as a clinical recruitment marketing resource for you by offering an array of other clinical marketing services:

  • Local Marketing and Media Consulting.

  • Trouble Shooting "Difficult to Recruit For" clinical studies.

  • Design Marketing and Ad Positioning statements for your site or studies.

  • Design "On Hold" Clinical Marketing Messages and Music for your Phone Systems.

  • Writing Press Releases for your site.

  • Advertising and Marketing Your Site to the Industry for Future Business.

  • Clinical Recruitment Media training seminars for your Recruiter.