Our Work: Consulting

Local Media Consulting:

  • When a Sponsor funds Local Sites for advertising budgets for clinical recruitment, Local Media Consulting can provide several strong marketing advantages to enhance Local Sites patient recruitment efforts.

  • Local Media Consulting for Clinical Sites has been proven to maximize the efficiency of a site's advertising investments and significantly increase the site's patient enrollment performance over a specific period of time.

  • You can minimize mispent or misdirected ad dollars at the site level and take the trial and error process out of finding the ideal media strategy for each site.

  • The Sponsor gains advantages in being able to review each site's marketing plan, at a glance, and correlate marketing and media efforts to enrollment/randomization performance for every site.

RX Media participates in the production of all advertising materials relating to the Study Recruitment Marketing Manual that is sent to all sites. Our efforts include writing commercials, print ads, brochures, marketing letters and press releases and procedural instructions on how to use all the materials in an easy to implement style.

We provide each site with a specific and targeted Media Recommendation that includes media selections for TV, Radio, Print and New Media. The recruiter can use the recommendation as a blueprint and be assured that each media selection is carefully researched for success in their local market.

RX Media offers ongoing local media consultation to the site - at no extra charge to the site. We actively work with the site's recruiter to monitor the performance of the recruitment media plan and, when necessary, make fast adjustments to the site's media selections to maintain consistent advertising response.

We work, in concert, with sponsor and individual sites to make sure that media/marketing activities stay on track with recruitment performance timelines

We provide Media Response and Performance Tracking and deliver regular evaluation reports that tie media/marketing efforts to subject enrollment/randomization goals and timelines