Our Work

RX Media can partner with your Clinical Recruitment Marketing efforts in various capacities:

  • We can serve as a full service agency and provide you with a complete array of clinical advertising services including: Marketing and Creative, Recruitment Strategy Design, Target Subject Research, Media Planning and Buying, Media Response Tracking, Invoicing, and most importantly, providing analytical Media/Marketing Reports that correlate media/marketing activity to subject screening, enrollment and randomization goals and milestones.

  • We can be your Media Buying Service.

  • We can be Local Media/Marketing Consultants for your study and sites.

Media Negotiations and Pricing

RX Media aggressively negotiates rates on all media. Many media companies like to tell you "we get you the lowest rates". Don't be fooled. If the lowest media rates deliver a cost per patient in the tens of thousands of dollars - where's the value? At RX Media, we focus on buying competitively-priced, quality media that strives to deliver the real goal that matters most to you - the lowest "cost per randomized patient" to sites and sponsors.