Case Studies/Success Stories

Every study presents with it's own unique set of objectives and goals. RX Media knows that within every study there lives a successful, performance driven marketing strategy waiting to be implemented for recruitment.

Here are some of the recruitment marketing success stories that we have unlocked:

Major Depressive Disorder
Goal/Objective: 800 adult patients needed at 60 sites

    Site Marketing Development Phase

  • TV Radio and Print Advertising

  • Local Media Consulting

  • Site Marketing Support

    Result and Outcomes

  • Accelerated Randomization Milestones and Timelines by 33%

  • Concluded study four months early

Diabetes - Type 2 - Rescue
Goal/Objective: 120 patients needed to conclude study in 10 weeks across 28 sites

    Recruitment Tactics

  • Re-design Radio and TV ads

  • Six week Radio and TV Blitz across 28 markets

  • Pre-Marketing Site Support

    Result and Outcomes

  • 140 patients randomized over the period

  • Study concluded on time

Male Fertility
Goal/Objective: 263 patients needed at 20 sites

    Recruitment Tactics

  • Design Marketing and Creative Materials

  • Internet Ad and Search Campaigns

  • Radio and Cable Campaigns

  • Community Outreach Marketing

    Result and Outcomes

  • Study concluded one month early

GAD - Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Goal/Objective: 1050 patients needed at 72 sites

    Recruitment Tactics

  • Pre-Marketing Support

  • Ongoing Local Media Consulting to all sites

  • TV, Radio, Print, Internet and Event Marketing campaigns

  • Direct Mail

    Result and Outcomes

  • Study over enrolled goals and concluded seven months early

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